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Launching the CLOCC project in Bali

CLOCC held the first waste management training with the group of participants in the Tabanan Regency of Bali, 4-7 April.

The training was held over three days, and gave the participants an introduction to the ISWM (integrated sustainable waste management) and their participation in the CLOCC programme.

This kickstarts the collaboration with Tabanan’s waste management stakeholders to build a sustainable comprehensive waste management system, and build capacity in waste management.

The CLOCC participants in Tabanan are stakeholders from the local government, waste management sector, and organisations and associations related to waste management. CLOCC will collaborate closely with this group to reduce marine plastic pollution through creating better waste management and effective waste management plans for the Regency and village communities.

The next steps in the CLOCC programme will be conducting a baseline study of waste in Tabanan, to assess how much waste is generated, different waste streams and its management.

The CLOCC team is looking forward to collaborating with the Tabanan stakeholders to facilitate a sustainable and efficient waste management system, clean communities and a cleaner ocean.


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