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Anti corruption and whistleblowing

We have a zero tolerance for corruption, discrimination and harassment. We encourage anyone that possesses information about such incidents to report to us, via our whistleblower email,


Code of Conduct

  • We ensure that we comply with national legislation. 

  • We shall not offer, promise, solicit or accept any advantage, either directly or indirectly, in connection with work, without express permission of the employer. This does not include conventional hospitality or once-only minor gifts as long as these will not lead to a position of obligation to the gift giver. 

  • We will avoid any real and potential conflict between private and company interests. We will directly report any occurrence of such a conflict to the responsible supervisor. 

  • We will not misuse our official position for personal gains or to favour relatives and friends. 

  • We ensure transparent, ethical and accountable use of financial and other resources. 

  • We will treat everyone fairly and equally and will not discriminate with respect to gender, skin, colour, religion, culture, education, ethnic affiliation or nationality. 

  • We do not tolerate any form of abuse, harassment, intimidation, degrading treatment or sexually offensive behaviour by or towards employees or others affected by our operations. Comments or any other forms of offensive messages, derogatory remarks or inappropriate jokes are unacceptable.

  • We will report incidents, risks and issues of corruption committed by colleagues or others to the responsible supervisor. The identity and safety of the whistle-blower shall be protected by the management. 

  • We will make our code of conduct public to our professional partners and associates; and expect them to respect this policy.


Whistleblowing emails will be sent to the management of Avfall Norge (team members from CLOCC in Avfall Norge will not have access to the information). Then the donor, Norad, will be notified via its whistleblowing channel. Read about Norad’s whistleblowing process here. An investigation will then take place.  


Whistleblowers will remain anonymous.

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