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CLOCC's new foundation is implementing circular solutions in Banyuwangi's villages

The foundation has introduced Black Soldier Fly (BSF) in selected villages.

The Rick Pradana Wetan Foundation (RPW) is implementing the Clean Ocean Through Clean Communities (CLOCC) programme’s newly launched waste masterplan in the local communities in Banyuwangi.

RPW, which is supported by the Norwegian government through the CLOCC programme, is doing important work to ensure that the villages in Banyuwangi are taking the necessary steps to create efficient and circular waste management. 14 villages are part of the CLOCC Banyuwangi programme.

At the core of the Foundation lies the village coordinators, who are building strong relations with the leadership and population in the villages, through almost daily coordination and visits. Each village also has a technical team, which the CLOCC programme works closely with.

“It's very rewarding and exciting to see the progress that the villages are making in their waste management”, says Diana Lukitasari, Village coordinator for RPW.

Parts of the CLOCC and RPW team visiting the villages.

The engagements in the villages include communications and awareness raising about source separation and the health and environmental dangers of burning and dumping waste, and discussing the right waste management solution in each village. A further aspect of the programme is to create the necessary regulation and waste fees in villages that are lacking this. 

Several solutions have been implemented in the villages, such as establishing  TPS3Rs, which is a waste management facility on the community level, upgrading and maintaining existing waste management facilities, optimizing administration and creating data collection,  waste management services and processing, interventions such as providing bins for source separation, establishing black soldier fly (BSF) as a circular management of organic waste, and more.

Avfall Norge's CEI, Runar Bålsrud, opened RPW's new office.

The RPW Foundation, which just opened their new office in central Banyuwangi, exemplifies a collaborative push towards sustainability. This initiative not only addresses the region's immediate environmental needs but also promotes a culture of circular economy, resource preservation and sustainable waste management among its communities, making Banyuwangi a model for eco-conscious development.


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