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CLOCC expands to Bali

Marine plastic pollution: Unmanaged waste that reaches the ocean is a challenge in Tabanan, Bali.

Clean Oceans through Clean Communities (CLOCC) has signed an agreement (MoU) with

government authorities in Bali’s Tabanan Regency to collaborate to develop a sustainable waste management system and build capacity in waste management.

In Tabanan CLOCC will collaborate closely with local authorities, relevant organisations and private sector actors to develop a waste management system which is sustainable, efficient and suited for the local context.

To ensure that the waste management planning fits the local context and needs, CLOCC is using a highly participatory approach that includes and puts together a broad range of stakeholders.

Additionally, CLOCC will assist with capacity building and knowledge sharing within waste management topics.

The final result of the programme in Tabanan will be an efficient and sustainable waste management plan, which builds the foundation for an effective waste management system, increased material recycling and a cleaner environment and ocean.

“Solving the waste challenge is a priority for the regency government in Tabanan. The area is large, coastal and closely located to Bali’s main tourist destinations. Developing an efficient waste management system in Tabanan will benefit Bali’s environmental, economic and public health development”, says Programme Director Sigve Ånderå.

The programme in Tabanan will be implemented by CLOCC’s Indonesian partner InSWA (Indonesia Solid Waste Association).


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