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Waste Wise Partnership launches

On June 30, the Waste Wise Partnership (WaP), founded by UN Habitat, CLOCC through Avfall Norge and Yunus Environment Hub, officially launched.

WaP was launched during the Social Business Day 2021, where CLOCC was represented by the Director of Avfall Norge, Cecilie Lind.

Other speakers were Professor Muhammad Yunus, winner of the Nobel Prize in 2006 for his micro finance initiatives through Grameen bank, ISWA President Carlos RV Filho and UN Habitat Director Maimunah Mohd Sharif.

– Cooperation and partnering with other organisations is at the core of our strategic approach in the Clocc programme. we look forward to combine forces to enhance municipal solid waste management and the transition to a circular economy, Lind said at the launch.

Aligning global waste management actors

The Waste Wise Partnership is an international platform that brings together actors to enhance municipal solid waste management, and the transition to a circular economy in the world’s cities. The partnership’s mission is to raise awareness, enhance coordination and cooperation and build capacities.

Avfall Norge is participating in the partnership through Clean Oceans through Clean Communities (CLOCC).

CLOCC is firstly contributing through resources to development of elearning modules directed by UN Habitat. Consequently all partners get access to more and better training materials than if we would develop them separately. Long term we hope that this will lead to further collaboration with the WaP partners, says CLOCC project manager Sigve Ånderå.

Enhancing the circular economy

The partnership also provides tools and integrated support to cities and countries in establishing sustainable management of municipal solid waste and a circular economy.

Avfall Norge and CLOCC hope that participating in WaP will contribute to better coordination and strengthen the efforts to improve waste management globally, which will contribute towards CLOCC’s goal of reducing marine plastic pollution and micro plastics.

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