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Partnering for Impact with Rethinking Recycling Academy

CLOCC partners with the Rethinking Recycling Academy to develop digital training materials for recycling and waste management systems in Indonesia.

Denpasar, Indonesia / Oslo, Norway, February 17, 2021 – Clean Oceans through Clean Communities (CLOCC), owned by Avfall Norge has partnered with the Rethinking Recycling Academy, the recently-launched capacity building program of to transform local waste management systems in Bali, Indonesia.

Rethinking Recycling is the flagship program of, an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to create lasting and substantial impact on complex social challenges. Rethinking Recycling aims to empower every community to build green, inclusive and economic recycling systems. The Rethinking Recycling Academy launched in September 2020 with support of local partners including the national Ministries and has trained its first cohort through an intensive online capability building program which supports communities to transform their waste management systems into community-led, green and financially sustainable ecosystems.

The participants in the cohort are from six villages in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, where only a small proportion of the population sorts their waste regularly. The village leadership, community leaders, operational managers and waste workers participate in the Academy through a hybrid of online and offline delivery. The online Academy sessions which take place on a weekly basis are coupled with the support of the on-the-ground transformation team.

Ella Flaye,’s Regional Director for Asia explained how the Academy became a highly scalable digitally-enabled waste management solution, “Like many organizations, COVID-19 made us reimagine solutions for the communities we serve. What was once destined to be an interactive on the ground program has evolved into a highly digitized remote learning academy through the sponsorship of Avfall Norge and our ed-tech partnership with Quipper.’

The partnership of CLOCC and the Rethinking Recycling Academy includes funding the development of scalable teaching materials. Enrolled communities access the curriculum online via the learning management platform of Quipper, a digital learning partner. Alongside the digital curriculum, Avfall Norge funds the delivery of training sessions to the initial Academy cohorts.

“We have found there are a lot of synergies between CLOCC and Rethinking Recycling’s focus and projects,” said Sigve Ånderå, Project manager for CLOCC. CLOCC’s focus is mainly on waste management and master planning on a strategic level with regencies. Rethinking Recycling Academy focuses more on operational capacity and skills training. There are a lot of synergies between the two approaches, so together we can achieve more through complementing each other’s work.

Funding from Avfall Norge is helping to power the development of the digital platform that future cohorts will use as the program expands across Indonesia and beyond. The partnership with CLOCC and the Rethinking Recycling Academy demonstrates how strong alignment between the organizations can drive sustainable and long-lasting environmental, financial and social impact in close collaboration with local communities.

About Rethinking Recycling

Rethinking Recycling is the flagship program of,, whose goal is to have lasting and substantial impact on complex social challenges. The organization works by partnering with leaders from the private, public and social sectors. Rethinking Recycling is tackling the waste crisis by mobilizing every player in the process – from waste workers to global multinational companies, from village leaders to Ministers.


Clean Oceans through Clean Communities (CLOCC) is an initiative by Avfall Norge, with ISWA as implementing partner. CLOCC is supported by Norad,and is a part of the Norwegian government’s development programme to reduce marine plastic pollution and microplastics. CLOCC 's objective is to reduce marine plastic pollution through improving waste management on land. I LinkedIn I YouTube I Instagram


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