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MoU Signed to Expand CLOCC Programme in Indonesia

17 May 2024, Tegal Regency, Indonesia

Acting Regent of Tegal and InSWA Sign MOU

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Indonesia Solid Waste Association (InSWA) and the Local Government of Tegal Regency to further expand the CLOCC program to a new region in Indonesia. The MOU recognizing the collaboration was signed at a formal ceremony on Friday, 17th May 2024, by Acting Regent of Tegal, Agustyarsyah, and InSWA Chairman, Guntur Sitorus.

The objective is to prevent and significantly reduce marine litter and plastic waste through the enhancement of the capacity of the local government and waste management stakeholders in Tegal Regency to develop an integrated and sustainable waste management system.

The Acting Regent of Tegal expressed hope that the collaboration with InSWA will be a significant step for the government in addressing the current waste problem: "InSWA will assist the government in training waste management stakeholders in Tegal Regency, preparing a waste management master plan in the district, and increasing the level of material recycling from waste.”

Tegal will be the third regency in Indonesia to become part of the CLOCC initiative, following Banyuwangi and Tabanan. Earlier this year, CLOCC officially handed over the waste master plan to Banyuwangi Regency. This master plan, and the methodologies used, will provide the guiding principles for scaling up the program in Tegal and other regions in the future.

Coordinated by InSWA, a participatory approach will be undertaken over the next 14 months with local stakeholders to establish a master plan for Tegal Regency. The process of developing the master plan is intensive, requiring close collaboration with authorities and stakeholders in the region to build an inclusive, comprehensive waste master plan based on the principles of Integrated Sustainable Waste Management.

Overseeing the process over the next 14 months will be InSWA. General Secretary for InSWA, Mr. Satya Oktamaladi, emphasized the importance of close cooperation with the local government to improve waste management in the region: “Government support for such programs is important, especially as CLOCC takes a different approach to developing a sustainable waste management master plan process with a participative and appreciative approach. With this process, commitment will be fostered, and resources will be gathered in a harmonious way.”

By joining the CLOCC initiative, Tegal is taking the first steps towards a cleaner and healthier environment by working towards an integrated sustainable waste management approach.


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