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MOU Signed, Banyuwangi Regent Ready to Improve Waste Management

Monday (19/12) a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in collaboration between CLOCC (Clean Ocean through Clean Communities) Program and the Government of Banyuwangi Regency, to Improve Waste Management.

Taking place at Banyuwangi Regent's Office, the MoU was signed directly by the Banyuwangi Regent, Ipuk Fiestiandani, and the Secretary General of the Indonesia Solid Waste Association (InSWA) as well as InSWA's CLOCC Project Manager, Muhammad Satya Oktamalandi.

The event also included the handover of Progress Report and the Draft Waste Management Master Plan for Banyuwangi Regency for the 2023-2046 period. The draft master plan is reported after the process of preparing the waste management master plan, which has now reached the finalization stage.

The waste problem has received special attention from the Banyuwangi Regent, as it is in line with Banyuwangi Rebound's vision. This vision aims to improve the community's economy, especially through tourism activities which are heavily influenced by the environmental hygiene and health sector.


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