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CLOCC partners with Airlangga University in Indonesia

The partnership, where CLOCC supports two Master students financially for their research, aims to strengthen research capacity and application of scientific knowledge to combat marine debris.

University of Airlangga was selected due to CLOCC's interest in exploring the linkages between solid waste management and public health. This is part of CLOCC's academic component, which is supporting research relevant to the project.

As part of the partnership, CLOCC will provide the two selected students enrolled in the Master of Environmental Health, part of the Faculty of Public Health at Airlangga University in Surabaya with up to 50 000 NOK for their thesis.

The academic cooperation aims to:

  • Establish and enhance research and build competence on how to make, implement and follow up waste management plans in local communities

  • Strengthen local capacity in research through supporting master thesis at national universities in Indonesia

  • Serve as quality assurance for the CLOCC programme in achieving our project goals and objectives

  • Advocate to various stakeholders the need for systemic change, new policies, regulations and enforcement for integrated sustainable waste management plans

The partnership is developed and implemented by CLOCC owner Avfall Norge and local implementing partner InSWA (Indonesia Solid Waste Association).

More information about the selected students and their research will be shared at


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