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CLOCC expands to India

Waste leakage which ends up in the environment is high in India
Waste leakage to the environment is high in India. Photo: iStock

CLOCC is ready to begin working towards sustainable and efficient waste management in India. The programme will launch in December 2022 in Tamil Nadu in Southern India

In December CLOCC will arrange its first waste management training with local authorities. The aim is to select cities in Tamil Nadu to proceed with the waste management capacity building programme, and the waste management planning process. Tamil Nadu is India’s 10th largest state by area with a population of 72 millions.

The programme in India will follow the same steps and procedures as in Indonesia, with adjustments to suit the local context. The CLOCC programme is intended to be scalable and replicable across different countries, with the flexibility to adapt.

The CLOCC programme will be implemented in close cooperation with partner organisation Hand in Hand (HiH). HiH is a global organisation engaged in several topics including waste management. This pillar creates end-to-end solutions to manage waste generated by urban and rural areas. Their goal is to reduce the waste that is being used as landfills.

We’re looking forwards to embark on the journey towards sustainable waste management in selected areas in India!


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