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Call for consultants for project evaluation

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

AVFALL NORGE (The Norwegian Waste Association) is seeking financial and technical proposals for the final evaluation of the CLOCC project from qualified and experienced programme monitoring and evaluation experts.

CLOCC’s goals are to prevent and significantly reduce marine litter and microplastics pollution through improved municipal solid waste collection and controlled management of waste, and increased recycling of suitable materials. To achieve this, CLOCC is creating sustainable and efficient waste management systems by cooperating with local municipalities and organisations to develop sustainable waste management plans, and build capacity in waste management. Currently, CLOCC is engaged in the regencies of Banyuwangi and Bali in Indonesia. CLOCC is funded by Norad, the Norwegian Development Agency.

The purpose of the external evaluation is to provide key learning on the theory of change and strategy and extract lessons and best practices from the assessment of the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of the project. The project evaluation should utilise qualitative approaches to collect data to ensure in-depth analysis of status on project objective indicators. The assignment’s duration is approximately from as soon as possible to 1 August 2022.

The specific objectives include:

  1. Extract important lessons and best practices from assessing the relevance of the project strategies and theory of change

  2. Draw lessons and best practices from the determination of effectiveness/achievements of the project objectives

  3. Analyse organisational and strategic efficiency of the project with the view of drawing best practices and lessons

  4. Determine the best practices and lessons learned from the process of managing project risks and sustainability of the project

  5. Analyse the scaling potential of the project based on the best practices and lessons from the existing experiences and partnerships


  1. An inception report; with a clear description of methodology and data collection tools to be used, work plan, budget in USD or NOK, which will be approved by AVFALL NORGE, prior to engaging in field work

  2. Initial key findings will be presented on the last day of field work to AVFALL NORGE and the project staff and other relevant stakeholders

  3. Objective findings will be presented for review by AVFALL NORGE, and feedback consequently provided to the consultant

  4. The consultant is expected to produce the final report in soft copy in PDF and shared with AVFALL NORGE

  5. The final evaluation report will be prepared by the consultant and shared with AVFALL NORGE and Norad for final approval

Interested companies and individuals that meet the specified criteria in section below should submit their technical and financial proposals accompanied by the following:

  • Company profile giving detailed information of directors and their qualifications and experiences in the field of waste management, capacity building, Project Evaluation and Learning

  • Detailed resumes detailing qualifications and experience of key personnel who are proposed to undertake this task

  • Certified copies of certificates of registration with the relevant authorities

  • Names and contact details of clients for whom relevant works were undertaken; including completion certificates

  • Attach at least three most recent and relevant Evaluation reports and publications done

  • Authority to seek references from clients

  • Letter of interest showing understanding of TOR

  • Copies of registration certificates including valid tax compliance certificate

Minimum qualifications

The consultants will be required to have:

  • Minimum academic qualification of a Master’s degree in Environmental Science, Development studies, programme monitoring and evaluation or related field

  • Extensive experience in evaluating development projects/programmes. Experience in Waste Management will be a strong added advantage

  • Excellent technical capacity in use of appropriate technology to ensure high quality deliverables

  • The consultant must demonstrate excellent skills in documentation and must be a good author of scholarly publications in English

  • He/she should demonstrate the ability to work on tight schedules and travel in all-weather terrain areas

  • Must demonstrate understanding of the context of the assignment

  • The consultant must demonstrate understanding of the assignment

Submit your complete application by email to: by 22 March 2022.


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