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A successful kick-off training in India

CLOCC completed its first training in Tamil Nadu, India, with local waste management authorities. This is the first step towards building sustainable waste management plans in the region.

Waste management planning: The training was attended by local authorities involved in waste management.

The training was delivered in close collaboration with CLOCC’s implementing partner Hand in Hand India, Avfall Norge, ISWA (International Solid Waste Association), Institute of Chartered Waste Managers and Ambire Global. It was opened by the Embassy of Norway.

The participants in the training were policy and technical staff from the local government, municipalities, and state and national agencies who are involved in waste management. This includes collection, treatment and disposal, as well as waste management planning such as budgeting, policy and logistics from districts in the Chennai-Puducherry area.

Programme Director Sigve Ånderå

The objective of the training was to introduce the CLOCC-programme to the region, enhance the capacity of the participants to manage and treat municipal solid waste and prevent plastic pollution, by using the Integrated Sustainable Waste Management (ISWM) methodology).

The next steps for CLOCC in India will be to visit all the municipalities and towns in the coastal area to identify those interested in joining the CLOCC programme and developing MoUs. Once MoUs are signed, CLOCC’s 7-step waste management programme will proceed starting with the baseline data collection and analysis.

We’re very much looking forward to scale up the work towards sustainable and circular waste management planning in India.


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