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Partnership Between CLOCC and MPH Aims to Enhance Waste Management in Tabanan, Bali

Tabanan, Bali - The Clean Oceans through Clean Communities (CLOCC) programme and the Bali-based waste management programme Merah Putih Hijau (MPH), conducted by Yayasan Bumi Sasmaya, have announced a new partnership aiming to improve waste management in villages.

Community mobilisation: MPH mobilises communities to improve source separation and waste management.

The partnership will supplement CLOCC’s efforts, in collaboration with InSWA (Indonesia Solid Waste Association) to create a circular and sustainable waste management for the regency, which is struggling with waste leakage and open burning of waste.

The partnership combines CLOCC's experience with integrated sustainable waste management planning with MPH's expertise in mobilising local communities in 18 Balinese villages for source separation and waste management.

The focus of the partnership with MPH will be to improve waste management capacity in the villages of Bengkel, Dauh Peken and Wongaye Gede. This includes waste management planning, capacity building and awareness raising of waste management. A focus will also be to optimise TPS3Rs, which are material recovery facilities (MRFs) with the focus on reduce, reuse and recycle. Their main purpose in Indonesia is to serve communities, and to sort for recycling and other treatments, and reduce the waste ending up in landfill. Many of the TPS3Rs in Tabanan are not running optimally or at full capacity.

An important component of the partnership with MPH will be to mobilise communities and community leaders to create sustainable waste, through workshops and meetings. In the socio-cultural field of expertise, MPH will perform waste management education integrated with local wisdom.

The ultimate goal of the partnership is to develop replicable and sustainable waste management systems in communities, full collection, and to promote reduce, reuse and recycling, stop open burning and waste leakage into the environment and the ocean.

The CLOCC programme is looking forward to embarking on this journey with MPH!


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